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A In the de and fabrication of all vehicles, machinery, equipment, structures, buildings, or other units or components, careful consideration must be given to the legal and physical limitations applicable to all available forms of transportation between point of fabrication and the original or subsequent destinations. B Permits will not be granted for travel on the state highway system for movement of a load reducible in size or weight, except for.

Emergency response vehicles loaded with salt, sand, chemicals, or a combination thereof, with or without a plow or blade attached in front, and being used for the purpose of spreading the material on state highways that are or may become slick or icy. Military vehicles transporting marked military equipment or material. Reducible portions of any oversize or overweight load shall include, but are not limited to, any attachment, accessory, member, or assembly deed to be detached with hand tools; or.

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C Unladen vehicles or combinations are to comply with legal size and weight limitations as listed in Chapter of the Missouri Revised Statutes unless exceptions can be justified by safety considerations based on an oversize or overweight object to be transported by the vehicle. D Economic factors in either the saving of time or costs for routing will not be considered of primary importance in the routing process and the department reserves the right to deate routing and travel time for all movements.

Safety, structure capacities and clearances, roadway widths, and traffic volumes will all be considered in route determination. The routing will use the deated state highway system and be as direct as possible.

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When other streets or highways off the state highway system are used, it will be the responsibility of the applicant to obtain approval from the agency responsible for that off-state highway and adhere to all bridge capacity postings off the state highway system. E Limitations for all oversize and overweight load movements will be determined by the least hazardous road conditions and volume of traffic which will be encountered and the practical capacity of the roadway, structures, and the vehicle involved, based upon axle lo.

All responses to requests for routing approval prior to application are furnished for general information only. Due to constantly changing highway conditions such routing approval is subject to change without notice. G Permits may specify maximum and minimum speeds to reduce hazards or control impact factors on pavement or structures and may specify lane restrictions while crossing structures to provide for better load distribution to the structural members of that structure.

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Power units shall have sufficient weight and power to handle the load safely and maintain reasonable speeds. H Each single trip permit covers the movement of one 1 load only, between one 1 origin and one 1 destination, except for the multi-stop permit deed for transportation of farm implement delivery only legal lo are not considered for multi-stop permits since permits are not required for legal lo.

Moves must be completed in seven 7 moving days. In the event Independence Day falls on Saturday, the restriction begins at noon on the preceding Friday. If Independence Day falls on Sunday, the restriction begins at noon on the preceding Saturday. On all holidays not mentioned in paragraphs 1 I 1. J The permittee may travel a distance of one 1 mile onto another contiguous state highway for food, fuel, repairs, and rest, provided that no structures are crossed, no posted weight limits are exceeded, travel under overhead structures can be completed safely, and oversize lo do not cause an obstruction.

All other provisions of the permit must be followed. K Travel under permit must be with properly d, insured, and permitted vehicles under Chaptersthrough, and of the Missouri Revised Statutesand vehicles must be d for maximum weights in order to obtain overweight permits.

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B Cargo. Any automobile insurance policy required under this administrative rule shall not include coverage of the cargo transported under the permit, and instead, any cargo transported by the applicant under a permit issued under this administrative rule shall be insured under a separate insurance policy. C Failure to Comply. D Excessive Overweight.

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Permits issued for excessive overweight may require additional financial responsibility to protect the state in regard to excessive damage to the state highway system and its facilities. The permittee named therein agrees to assume full responsibility for injury to persons or damage to public or private property, including the state highway system and its facilities, caused by the movement of the vehicle or its load under the special permit involved.


The permittee agrees to hold harmless the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission, the Missouri Department of Transportation, the Missouri State Highway Patrol, their agents, servants, and employees, from any and all claims, judgments, damages, or expenses of any kind on the part of the applicant, permittee, or any person, firm, or corporation having an interest in either the vehicle, the load, or other property involved in the movement over the route prescribed in said permit. Sikeston Missouri MO escort classified permittee, as a condition to the issuance of a special permit, agrees to indemnify the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission, the Missouri Department of Transportation, the Missouri State Highway Patrol, their agents, servants, or employees, for any sums which it, its agents, servants, or employees are or may be required to expend in defense of any claims or actions for damages and to indemnify the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission, the Missouri Department of Transportation, the Missouri State Highway Patrol, their agents, servants, or employees, arising out of the movement, under this special permit, of a vehicle or load over the route prescribed by the Missouri Department of Transportation, its agents, servants, or employees.

The permittee will cause the operators of all motor vehicles involved in the movement to take all necessary precautions to avoid hazards existing along the prescribed route, such as, but not limited to, construction projects, physical restrictions, or conditions which will not permit the movement of the vehicle and its load without detriment to the state highway or its drainage structure, s, guardrails, als, shoulders, pavement, right-of-way, or any other facility. The permittee or their representative must physically drive the proposed route to be used prior to issuance and attest that all turns, curves, etc.


If the load encounters problems negotiating such route during transportation, the company will be charged new permit fees including a bridge study analysis for superlo. In addition, penalties may be assessed and future permit applications may be denied. Should the permittee or the permittee's officers, agents, employees, or operators encounter a condition on the route prescribed not contemplated by the permit, or s or markings indicating an emergency condition creating a reasonable doubt as to the continuance of the trip, the permittee, officer, agent, employee, or operator of the vehicle shall immediately notify the appropriate official or employee of Motor Carrier Services Division of the Missouri Department of Transportation for a suggested course of action.

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In any event, departure from a prescribed route, except by specific authorization of Motor Carrier Services Division, renders the permit void. Any misrepresentation in the application for a special permit or any operation not made in strict compliance with the permit and not in compliance with 7 CSR Any permit used for a movement other than that for which granted, or any permit that has been altered, is void in its entirety and the movement involved will be in violation of the law, as though such permit had never been granted.

Permits voided by a violation shall be surrendered to any law enforcement officer or to any employee of the Missouri Department of Transportation. A new permit and required fees covering the remainder of the movement will not be issued until all charges arising out of the violation have been satisfied and the routing or movement modified to meet the regulations established herein.

Permits are issued by authority of law only when the public safety or public interest justifies their issuance. Any misrepresentation in the application or violation of the terms of the permit may result in denial of future applications of the violator. Permission is granted only for dimensions and up to the weight, as specified, and compliance in all other respects is required with Chaptersthrough, and of the Missouri Revised Statutes as amended, all other applicable state and federal laws and rules and regulations of state and federal regulatory bodies; and.

All permittees are responsible for the accuracy of their permits and shall notify the Missouri Department of Transportation, Motor Carrier Services Division of any inaccuracies to be corrected before movement commences. All violations or misrepresentations will be recorded and the permittee will be notified in writing that future violations may result in a suspension or revocation of privileges. A suspension of such privilege shall last for two 2 weeks and a revocation of such privilege for one 1 Sikeston Missouri MO escort classified.

A Application for an oversize permit must show the width, length, and height of the commodity being hauled as well as the overall width, overall length, and overall height. Application for an overweight permit must show axle lo and axle spacings measured center-to-center between each axle.

Additional information may be required to complete the application. B Special permit fees are payable prior to the issuance of the permit. If the permit becomes invalid for any reason, the original fee shall be nonrefundable and a new permit with fee will be necessary.

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Applicants are responsible for payment of permit fees for expired permits that are issued and left in approved status. The special permit fees are as follows:. Identical permit applications with identical vehicle configurations will only be charged one 1 bridge and roadway analysis fee if the original bridge study is less than thirty 30 days old for lo in excess of three hundred thousandpounds and if the original bridge study is less than sixty 60 days old for lo weighing less than three hundred thousandpounds.

Single trip permits may only be amended within two 2 business days of permit start date. The start date and any other component will be amended if permit effective date is in the future. C Fees shall not be required for permits covering the movement of vehicles and lo owned and operated by governmental subdivisions or agencies. D Proper arrangement for payment of permit fee must be made either by use of escrow s, which must be in effect prior to permit application request see section 5or by payment of the fee at the time of application.

A An escrow may be established with the Missouri Department of Transportation.

The following conditions govern the establishment and maintenance of escrow s:. An escrow may be applied for by submitting an application supplying all the necessary information. An escrow will remain open as long as there is a positive or zero balance.

Upon written request, an may be closed and the unused balance will be refunded. B It is the responsibility of the holder to maintain records of the balance remaining in the. In the event there is a difference between the holder's records and the department's records, a letter stating the difference shall be the basis for review and adjustment. The department's decision shall be final.

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C The escrow is nontransferable and shall be used for payment only. The shall be reduced by the amount for each item issued or processed. Blanket permits may be issued for moves up to and including twelve feet, six inches 12'6" in width and one hundred fifty feet, zero inches '0" in overall length.

Height and weight shall be in accordance with Chapter of the Missouri Revised Statutes. The fee schedule for blanket permits is outlined in subsection 4 B. Separate permits are required for each power unit. To qualify for an annual blanket permit, insurance must be in force for the entire period see section 2 and vehicles must be properly d.

All annual permits will expire at a. Violation of a blanket permit shall be cause for revocation of the current blanket permit and may result in loss of the privilege of obtaining future blanket permits. Blanket permit moves shall be made in accordance with all other regulations and requirements.

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The permittee is required to obtain current travel restrictions prior to movement with blanket permits. A These permits authorize travel over the state highway system only. Movement from origin to destination must be by the most feasible direct route. All conditions, safety considerations, bridge loading and clearance postings shall be complied with.

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Travel over structures on which load limits are posted for lesser weights is not allowed. Permittees traveling on interstate highways shall maintain the posted minimum speed.

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Manufactured and sectional home units. Annual blanket permits are available for the movement of manufactured and sectional home units up to and including twelve feet, six inches 12'6" in width and one hundred fifty feet, zero inches '0" in overall length. Height and weight shall be legal. Farm products hay. Annual blanket permits are available for farm products hay up to and including twelve feet, six inches 12'6" in width.

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