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Proof of rabies vaccination with rabies tag and expiration date and proof of spay or neuter. You can have your veterinarian fax a copy of the current rabies certificate and proof of alteration to Regulations for pets can be found here. Permit costs are based on a percentage of the cost of your project. The fee schedule can be found here. Inspections can be requested by calling between am and pm Monday through Friday; or if you are registered on CF1Stop, inspections can be requested online through that system anytime.

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Typically commercial plans are reviewed within three weeks of being submitted. Once plans are received they are reviewed by all building trades, fire, planning, engineering and then comments are sent back to the deer for response. Residential plans go through a similar process but take a ificantly less time to be reviewed. Commercial projects require three sets to be submitted to the inspections division, one plan set to the fire department, a PDF set sent to CFU and Inspections, and if required one set to the Health Department. Residential projects require two sets. A building permit application is an application to renovate, alter, or build an addition to an existing building or to build a new commercial building or residence.

It allows the city to review the code compliance of the project. A PDF of both the commercial and residential permits can be found online or here and can be filled out and ed or delivered to city hall. Permits can also be filled out in person at City Hall. Cedar Falls escort classified work except interior and exterior painting, floor finishes, storm doors, and like-for-like work requires a permit.

For example if your faucet leaks and you want to install a new faucet this does not require a permit. If you are relocating a sink and changing any of the piping a permit would be required. Also sheds that are less than square feet do not require a building permit however they will need a land use permit from the planning office.

No, windows and doors require a permit. The city needs to verify if the changes are code compliant. Ex: Windows are tempered where required and doors meet egress requirements.

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The city adopts new codes on a six year cycle. No, you will need a permit for each trade as they require different types of licensing and inspections. Typically commercial plans are reviewed within there weeks of being submitted.

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All projects will need information submitted with the permit to define the project. Decks require a site plan; siding and roofing will need elevation drawings in the project is located in an overlay district, new windows require at minimum a list of sizes and locations, all other projects require a plan review. City ordinances can be found online here.

The inspections division also has various fliers with code information for decks, accessory buildings, windows, and roofs which can be found online or at City Hall. Building Inspection Services. Per Iowa code a d architect or engineer are required on any project that fits within a certain criteria.

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For more information this link will provide you with the Architectural Matrix. However the requirement of a ed professional is at the discretion of the Building Official. There are times that projects may not require an architect based on the matrix but are a typical enough that the Building Official may require a stamped set of plans.

Yes, these amendments can be found in the city ordinances chapter 7. Depending on the type of project you will require a wide range of inspections. A list of required inspections will be included with your permit. Regulations for most business s can be found here. You can also inquire with our office atM-For in person at Clay Street, Cedar Falls, to inquire about a business application. Fees for the current fiscal year can be found here. The fees are renewable annually. Inquiries regarding doing business in Cedar Falls can be directed to our office atM-For in person at Clay Street.

for the current Mayor or for Council members and for the City Clerk. To learn more. City Council meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month.

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Additional information about City Council meetings can be found here. City Council Meeting Procedures can be found here.

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Department of Housing and Urban Development. To be eligible for Section 8, a household must first meet income requirements. The program pays the difference between the rent amount and household income, up to a set payment standard. For more information and income limits. The Waiting List for Section 8 is currently closed and no new applications are being accepted at this time.

For more information, including hours of operation, contact their office at The city has a survey crew to survey streets and public property, but does not have a crew that can survey private property. You need to contact a d land surveyor to obtain a survey for private property.

Vendor invoices are approved by the City Council on the 1st and 3rd Monday's of each month.

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Checks for these invoices are processed the following day and mailed. The city does not have a purchasing department. A list of current job openings can be found here. The city's hiring process depends on the position and is explained in our position postings. The process may or may not involve Civil Service testing and certification, but begins by submitting application materials noted in the position posting. Yes otherwise stated in the job posting, you can apply online and submit application materials here.


Yes, applications materials are kept on file, but updated information is required after six months. You must specifically apply for a job opening you feel you are qualified for. An application is also required for all job openings. A is not required for some positions. For a copy of the Comprehensive Plan, contact the Planning and Community Services office at Unfortunately, as much as members of the Cedar Falls Fire Division would like to help get your cat out of the tree, for liability reasons we do not perform cat rescues.

Your best bet would be to call the Cedar Bend Humane Society at for ideas on how to get your cat down from the tree. For more information on open burning regulations, check the link to the City of Cedar Falls city code. You can contact the Police Division at and ask to speak to the Investigative Unit. No, the Cedar Falls Police Division does not have the jurisdiction in other cities and the crime must be reported to the police department where it occurred.

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A Knox Box is a key box placed on the exterior of a commercial or industrial building for rapid entry use by Fire Division personnel. A Fire Division key box must be installed in commercial or industrial buildings which have fire detection, fire alarm, or fire suppression systems and is required for residential property consisting of three 3 or more residential units.

The cost of purchase and installation of each Fire Division key box shall be paid by the building owner. Contact Code Enforcement, at for more information and to confirm the type of Knox Box you will need. You can ordering information sent to you or you can go directly to the Knox Box site. No, if you are a victim of the crime you should call if it is in progress, otherwise you should contact the Black Hawk County Dispatch Center at Contact Public Safety Services at one week prior to the tour date.

Please provide a contact name, telephonedate, time and the of people participating in the tour.

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If it is a vehicle that is in violation of the law you should contact the Black Hawk County Dispatch Center at If it is a complaint about receiving a parking ticket you can contact the shift supervisor at Yes, the city is divided up into three areas. This officer is responsible for traffic enforcement and responding to calls for service in these areas. Accident reports are available online at www. There is a fee for requested records.

Fingerprinting can be done at any time.

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Applicants must be a minimum of twenty-one years old and must possess a high school diploma or GED. You must also be a resident of the State of Iowa. Reserve Officers ride with career officers to provide support or if they have the proper amount of training are allowed to ride in tandem providing the same services as career officers. Reserves are also called upon to represent the Cedar Falls Police Division during several public events. The term family is defined by the City as ALL 3 of the following conditions which must be met:.

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We do not have a pool within the Recreation and Fitness Center. High Pool both open year round and the outdoor Falls Aquatic Center open during the summer season. We encourage you to come in early as there is a discount prior to May The pool will open the Saturday of Memorial weekend.

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For more information go to Aquatics Updates are available at facebook. up online. ZIP: 50613 50614

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