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Ship status, hull changes December - November 1. Marshall Island Operation - February 3. Kamikaze attack - November The Big Typhoon - December South China Sea Action - January Ernie Pyle on Board and the first strike on Tokyo - February Enroute for invasion of Japan and Wake Strike - August Anchored at Eniwetok - War ended August Supporting landings in Yellow Sea September-October Majuro - After February - B. Eniwetok - After March C. Ulithi - After September It lacks almost everything that seems to denote nobility, yet deep nobility is there.

A carrier has no poise. It is top-heavy and lopsided.


It has the lines of a well-fed cow. It doesn't cut through the water like a cruiser, knifing romantically along. It doesn't dance and cavort like a destroyer. It just plows.

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You feel it should be carrying a hod. Yet a carrier is a ferocious thing, and out of its heritage of action has grown its nobility, I believe that every Navy in the world has as its No. That's a precarious honor, but it's a proud one.

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Perhaps the controversy began back in the s, when Admiral William S. SIMS, an outspoken advocate of naval aviation, predicted "A fleet whose carriers give it command of the air over the enemy fleet can defeat the latter. The fast carrier is the ship of the future. Sims' prophesy came true. After six Japanese fast carriers sunk our battleships at Pearl Harbor, most experts concluded that the carrier would be the mistress of the sea.

And, on 10 Dec. In addition to the fast carriers, more than 75 CVEs escort carriers were commissioned before the end of the war.

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The simple truth was that a modern battleship could fire a projectile about 20 miles, while a fast carrier at the same speed could stay back some miles and destroy a battleship with bombs and torpedoes. When the hostilities started, the Japanese had 11 carriers to our seven, but American production met and surpassed the enemy by December The sinking of four Japanese carriers in May at Midway was the turning point of the war in the Pacific. After Midway, it was all downhill for the Japanese Navy, and bywe had such superiority in ships and pilots that there was little doubt about who would win the contest.

Despite the CVLs' small size, they more than held their own with the larger Essex-type fast carriers on a plane-to-plane ratio.

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We are very proud of the light carrier USS Cabot CVL 28 as it was credited with enemy aircraft shot down by Air Groups 29 and 31, eight destroyed by AA batteries, 96 destroyed on the ground and vessels hit by torpedoes or bombs from the air groups. Cabot sailednautical miles in combat and won the highest award, the Presidential Unit Citation.

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Other honors received during or immediately after the war were:. Top speed MPH. Length: 33' 7" Span: 42'10" Weight.

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Armament: Six caliber guns, 6 rockets and 1, pounds of bombs. Total produced: 12, Top speed Length 41' Span 54' 2" weight 15, Crew of 3.

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Armament Two caliber guns forward, one turret Total produced: 9, October 10 to November 25,Ryukyus, Formosa, Philippines. Luzon; December 14 to Operating continuously. In the most forward areas, the U. CABOT and her air groups struck crushing blows toward annihilating Japanese fighting power; they provided air cover for our amphibious forces; they fiercely countered the enemy's aerial attacks and destroyed his planes; and they inflicted terrific losses on the Japanese in Fleet and merchant marine units sunk or damaged.

Daring and dependable in combat the CABOT with her gallant officers and men Cabot escort classified loyal service in achieving the ultimate defeat of the Japanese Empire. Aware of the problem, President Franklin D. Roosevelt advised the Navy to convert some of the cruisers to carriers. As a result, nine cruiser hulls were converted in record time all were commissioned inand some even saw action that year.

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A vessel called "Cabot", a gun brig was purchased in Philadelphia during November and used in the Revolutionary War. She was named for John Cabot The Cabot was, in fact, the first Continental naval ship to be seized by the British. In she was forced ashore in Nova Scotia, but the captain and crew escaped the British, who took the brig and refitted her for service in the Royal Navy.

One of the carriers went on to earn more Battle Stars in the Korean Conflict.

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Most rush conversions are disappointments but the CVLs proved so successful that two Baltimore-type cruisers were converted, though not in time to participate in World War II. The Independence-class carriers weighed 11, tons with a flank speed of These carriers had four boilers with aSHP powering the four screws.

The CVLs initially had one catapult, but another was added.


But there was a big difference CVEs could attain speeds of only knots, and could not operate as fast carriers or compare to large CVs such as the Essex class. Additionally, CVEs could not withstand a torpedo hit or take any other ificant punishment CVEs were numerous, though. Henry J. Kaiser built 50 of the Casablanca-type within a Short time. In latesome admirals wanted the CVLs to carry only fighters, but Admiral Ernest King then commander-in-chief, did not agree. When the war ended in Augustall torpedo planes were removed, and the Cabot operated with fighters only in the Yellow Sea operations after the War.

Ashley Halsey Jr. Malcolm F. During the next two months, the crew was fleshed out toward a full complement of 1, enlisted men and officers. The Marines reported on board in September and stayed for the Cabot escort classified duration. The detachment included two commissioned officers - a major and a first lieutenant - and 41 enlisted men: one sergeant major, a gunnery sergeant, a platoon sergeant two buck sergeants, five corporals and 31 privates or privates first class.

The Marines were placed in the 6th Division and their duties at flight quarters were to be on battle stations. Duties at general quarters were to man six 20MM guns nos. The two Marine officers had quarters in the officers' country, and enlisted men's compartment was midship-one deck below the hangar deck, just behind the bridge, starboard side. The sergeant major, gunnery sergeant and platoon sergeant slept in the Marine office and ate in the chief's mess.

The rest ate in the crew's mess hall. All major warships had a complement of Marines with duties similar to those on the Cabot. The Marines manned all gangways while in port, and the brig while at sea.


In addition Marines were given the task of guarding all Navy jails and prisons. Appropriately, a verse of the Marine Hymn re:. They will find the streets are guarded by the U. Virgil J. From 30 Aug. On the 14th, the carrier was underway for a shakedown cruise to Trinidad.

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A tragic incident happened on 19 Sept. Not reported in the ship's log were others killed the same day: Ens. Involved were Lt. WOOD, Ens. These pilots hitched a ride with a chief, who was driving his Jeep back to the Cabot.

They didn't know the driver was drunk, and when he said his vehicle could do anything their planes could they dared him to do a "slow roll". The fliers received scratches and bruisers, but the driver was left with a broken arm, and much more sober. ZIP: 72023

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