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  • Mauro Femminella
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    Welcome to the CIRCLE forum,

    here you can find some information about software tools for simulating molecular communications.

    Mauro Femminella
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    BiNS2 suite:


    BiNS2 related publications:

    – Luca Felicetti, FEMMINELLA M. and Gianluca Reali. Simulation of molecular signaling in blood vessels: Software design and application to atherogenesis. NANO COMMUNICATION NETWORKS 4:98–119, 2013, DOI

    – Luca Felicetti, FEMMINELLA M., Gianluca Reali, Paolo Gresele and Marco Malvestiti. Simulating an in vitro experiment on nanoscale communications by using BiNS2. NANO COMMUNICATION NETWORKS 4:172–180, 2013, DOI.

    – L Felicetti, FEMMINELLA M. and G Reali. A simulation tool for nanoscale biological networks. NANO COMMUNICATION NETWORKS 3/2012:2–18, 2012, DOI

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